Nursery Ministries

Mission Statement
Newborn ~ 3 years

The Nursery ministry endeavor to plant seeds of the Word of God in each child through the love and care of our Nursery team. We have committed our time and talents to teach the Word of God, love through the Word of God and
being living examples of the Word of God.

Mission Ministries

Expressing our love towards God with all our heart, soul, and strength and loving our neighbours as we love ourselves, by the Good Samaritan way of living.  Working by the power of God; loving with His compassion, reaching those in need by His grace, touching lives by His mercy.  Being a part of the community; making an impact in the lives of those who we are given a chance to embrace by His love (Dare to be different Luke 10 v 25-37).
Vision Statement
Seeing people as Christ sees them; Being His hands and feet to those we come in contact with.  (Luke 10 v 25-37).

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GTT Audio Video Ministry

Audio & Video is a vital aspect of the overall ministry of Glad Tidings Tabernacle.  Just as in any other ministry, the Audio/Video Department, we are committed to working together to produce excellence as we GLORIFY the Lord with our talents and gifts he has given us.

Mission Statement
Is to teach our committed volunteers the importance of producing clear Audio/Video and presentation slides.
All Audio/Video technicians will be able to utilize whatever equipment that is available to them to produce the best quality sound and video possible.
To identify special abilities and skills within our congregation and Audio/video team. Utilizing them in specific ways to continue to glorify God and build the kingdom.
We will continue to equip each technician with knowledge, and the talents and gifts that God has given us to operate each piece of equipment to GLORIFY him.

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Couple's Ministries

C-are for one another
O-vercome marital challenges
U-plift each other
P-artner for a better marriage
L-ove as Christ loved
E-nhance relationships
S-upport for the couples (C.O.U.P.L.E.S.)

Vision Statement
The Couples ministry is dedicated to helping couples build a solid marriage where Jesus Christ is placed at the center of the relationship. Jesus is the cornerstone. Today we would call the cornerstone the foundation.

The foundation provides strength and support to the structure built upon it. In the same way, we must build our marriage relationship on the tried and true words of Jesus.

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Women’s Ministries

Vision Statement
To see women unified and energized for Christ.
Mission Statement
To mentor and teach ladies to become women of virtue (Titus 2:3-5, Proverbs 3:31).

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